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Design errors and lack of coordination

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

“What happens here?”, invariably this question is often asked during the construction of a building as one trade connects to the work someone else has installed. According to this article in CN design issues and design details account for £21bn of losses in the UK. Clearly, if anyone is being asked to absorb design issues, and they are not responsible for the design or coordination under the contract, it will impact upon their profitability.

Furthermore, resolving a design issue, invariably involves time which is likely to impact upon the program. To establish a claim for an additional payment requires "cause" and "effect" to be established. The lack of information, or wrong information, is the "cause" and the “effect”, is the impact on the program. Determining who should pay for the delay or disruption which has been caused is set out in the Delay and Disruption Protocol, written by the Society of Construction Lawyers.

The analysis to determine the responsibility is usually carried out by experts, but they require sound evidence. Collecting the evidence can be problematic, which is why PvA Tracker was designed. It allows relevant site records to be collected using a mobile phone.

If you have become involved in a “project from hell” where information issues have caused you a problem, then find out how you might recover your costs by booking a demonstration of the app, or take a look at the website

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