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Construction levy and grants

Visiting Construction Expos is a good opportunity to see the breadth of activities which are going on in construction. The breadth and technical understanding required is constantly changing and improving. As a sector, training is a constant challenge. The sector is virtually unique in that it has an industry specific levy system to assist with training run by the CITB. The CITB was one of the industry training boards, ITB’s, set up in 1964 under the Industrial Training Act. Other sectors which have had such systems have been the Engineering, Film and Textile industries. Retail and Hospitality have had voluntary schemes but the only statutory industry specific levy schemes that remain are the CITB and ECITB. All other industries use the Apprentice levy scheme formed in April 2017. Depending upon their size, construction companies contribute to both the CITB levy and the Apprentice levy.

With contributions to training going into two funds for construction businesses there are funds to be claimed for training and upskilling. Given the relentless pace of change, tapping into these funds makes sense, to remain competitive. For contracting SME’s there is funding available for bespoke construction training if you are paying levy. Find out more by contacting me or by taking a look at:

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