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Services and other approvals

“They’re a law unto themselves”, sums up the frustration many project managers have, when dealing with service providers or gaining approvals from the relevant authorities as a project progresses.

The late connection of a service to a project or gaining an approval that is required, such as a highways agreement or planning condition approval can have a serious repercussion for the smooth execution of a project.

Whilst temporary arrangements can often be made to overcome the issue, the temporary arrangements have a cost and inevitably cause re-working of work and disruption. By examining the original program and comparing it to what occurred those costs can be ascertained. Lawyers require evidence of the “cause” and “effect” to determine the liabilities of each party.

In the Delay and Disruption Protocol, written by the Society of Construction Lawyers the appropriate impact borne by each party can be allocated from analysis of the site records and by reference to The Contract. The analysis to determine the responsibility is usually carried out by experts, but they require sound evidence. Collating the evidence can be problematic, which is why PvA Tracker was designed. It allows relevant site records to be collected using a mobile phone.

If you have become involved in a “project from hell” where the late connection of services or approvals by the Authorities has caused an issue, then find out how you might recover your costs by booking a demonstration of the app, or take a look at the website

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